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Bluehost or GoDaddy?

Bluehost or GoDaddy?

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Published on Apr 29, 2021

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Hey there, As we all know that both Bluehost and GoDaddy are two giants in the web hosting industry and thus you might be thinking about which one to go for. Here we will compare these two platforms in the area of

  • Pricing Plans

  • Features Availability and User Friendliness

  • Website Speed and Uptime

  • Customer Support

  • Staff Knowledge and Helpfulness


As of the time of this writing, the Bluehost pricing plan is as shown below

Screenshot (97).png

Also, GoDaddy pricing is shown below

Screenshot (98).png

Basic Plans Comparison: Bluhoost is 39% cheaper

Recommended Plans Comparison: Bluehost is 43% cheaper

So price wisely it is better to stick with Bluehost.

Features Availability and User Friendliness

You will agree with me that a good user interface and availability of cool features on a website make a website stands out. If you check the features available for the pricing for each hosting above you will see that Bluehost has everything GoDaddy has and with additional cool features like

  • Free SSL certificate for all plans ( This is important for security and ranking on Google)

  • Free CDN(Content Delivery Network) for all plans. This enables the website to load faster and decreases the load time which makes the user happy.

On user-friendliness, It is very much easy to navigate the Bluehost website than GoDaddy, and when installing WordPress and its required plugins and themes it is very much easier on Bluehost trust me.

Speed and Uptime

Customers who visit our website do not have all time to wait for our website to load and so our website has to load up as fast as possible. When both hosting plans were tested without any extra plugins and theme installations Bluehost (1.5sec) loads up faster than GoDaddy ( 2.1 secs) i.e Bluehost is 29% faster While with plugins and theme installations test Bluehost loads up our website at exactly 3.3 secs and GoDaddy loads up our website at exactly 3.4sec i.e GoDaddy is 3% faster. Bluehost provides 100% uptime while GoDaddy provides 99.977%

Screenshot (101).png

Customer Support

At a point when you are setting up your website and you encounter an issue, you will need customer support here, and with my current experience, Bluehost has an average of 30 secs response time while GoDaddy has an average of 9 mins response time.

Screenshot (103).png

Screenshot (105).png

Staff Knowledge and Helpfulness

With the fact that Bluehost response very quickly they still have customer support with great knowledge about what they are in to and are very much ready to help with any issue one might be having.

So It's up to you now to decide wisely which of these two are going for considering the points I have stated above. Thank you for reading.

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