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Pipenv Not Found on Windows 😖

Pipenv Not Found on Windows 😖

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Published on May 5, 2021

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To simply get started using pipenv on windows for your project instead of pip and the virtual environment separately follow the steps below

  • First, uninstall the virtual environment with the command below through the terminal provided that python has been added to the system path and can be run from the terminal
pip uninstall virtualenv
  • Second, uninstall pipenv that came with python with the command below
pip uninstall pipenv
  • Third, install pipenv again with the command below
pip install pipenv
  • Fourth, in the directory you want your project to be stored simply install python with the version of the one you have installed on your system
pipenv  --python 3.9.1

I used 3.9.1 above because I have python 3.9.1 installed on my system

Then you can install other dependencies for your projects now with pipenv. For instance, if I need Django for my project, I can install it while I am in the directory I want my project to be stored.

pipenv install django

That will install Django for us and lastly the last things you might want to do is to activate the virtual environment created by the pipenv, do this with the command below

pipenv shell

Also when done using the pipenv, you will need to deactivate and exit it with the command below


That's it, pipenv should now be working perfectly on your system. Happy coding.

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